Fun escape room games in downtown Matthews

That 70s Room Now Open!!


Escape Matthews provides family friendly escape rooms in the heart of Downtown Matthews! Enjoy entertaining and challenging problem solving puzzles, games, and locks with whimsical themes sure to entertain everyone! Our fun escape rooms are kid friendly, perfect for family outings, date nights, small groups of friends, and team-building events looking for a fun and unique experience.

The Dorm Escape Room - Escape Matthews

Justin can’t locate his final paper and he has to turn it in to the professor within the next 60 minutes or he won’t graduate. He’s recruited his buddies to help search through his dorm room for his paper and get it to the professor’s office by 5pm sharp!

2-4 Players
Duration: 60 Minutes
Hints: 3
Level: Beginner

That 70s Room Escape Room - Escape Matthews

Your groovy self knows how outta sight the 70s were, but you need to get your crew back to 2018. You sleuth through 8 tracks, records, and funky furniture to solve your way back to modern day.

2-6 Players
Duration: 60 Minutes
Hints: 3
Level: Intermediate

Farmhouse Escape Room - Escape Matthews

The Farmhouse will be an advanced skill level room and will open in June. Please stay tuned for more release information coming soon.

2-7 Players
Duration: 60 Minutes
Coming June 2018