That 70s Room – Escape Room

Get ready for a challenging immersive experience in our 1970’s themed escape room.

That 70s Room - Escape Room at Escape Matthews

Your groovy self knows how outta sight the 70s were, but you need to get your crew back to 2018. You sleuth through 8 tracks, records, and funky furniture to solve your way back to modern day.

  • Players: 2-6
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Hints: 3
  • Escape Rate: 40.1%
  • Level: Intermediate

Pictures From That 70’s Room!

Groovy Seating Area and 1970s TV
Groovy Seating Area
1970s Album Covers and Lava Lamp
1970s Kids Television Commercials
Relax In The 1970s
Immersive 1970s Expereince
Groovy Group Who Traveled Through The 70s
The Far Out 1970s Dad and Son Due

Testimonials & Reviews of That 70’s Room Escape Room

Maddie Stracener 5 Stars
Amazing escape room and great owner!!! The room was set up so perfectly. Definitely felt like I was in the 70’s. Will be going back!!

Beth R. 4 Stars
Went with friends as a group of 4 and did “That 70’s Room”. Having never done an escape room before, I now realize I probably should not have booked their “intermediate” room. It was so much fun trying to work as a group to get out of the room. The challenges were very cerebral… It took us nearly 30 minutes just to figure out the first puzzle. We didn’t quite make it out, but still had a great time. Once the challenges were explained to us after our time was up, we all slapped our foreheads and went, “Of course!”. We’ll be going back again to try the “beginner” room next time. Great experience!

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