The Dorm Room Scenario


Category: Room Scenario


The Dorm: Your buddy Justin has lost his paper somewhere in his dorm room and in order to graduate, he has to have the paper to the professor by 5pm sharp. But it’s 4pm and Justin had to work – so, he’s recruited his friends to find the paper and get it to the professor.

Room is designed for 2-4 players and is a mixture of locks, some technology, and a lot of fun! Escapers have 60 minutes to find Justin’s paper and get it to the professor.

It’s a VERY affordable and short build time with easy to find items.
It’s received great customer feedback and many 5-star reviews for the overall flow, creativity, and unique puzzles.


  • Room scenario/intro
  • Puzzle flow chart
  • List of necessary and suggested props and locks
  • Room reset list
  • Clues and riddles
  • List of common hints given to players
  • Photos of our setup (room design, puzzles and props)
  • Written walk-through
  • US city +50 mile radius exclusivity