The Dorm – Escape Room

Get ready for a challenging immersive experience in our 1970’s themed escape room.

That 70s Room - Escape Room Game at Escape Matthews

Justin can’t locate his final paper and he has to turn it in to the professor within the next 60 minutes or he won’t graduate. He’s recruited his buddies to help search through his dorm room for his paper and get it to the professor’s office by 5pm sharp!

  • Players: 2-4
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Hints: 3
  • Level: Beginner

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Pictures From The Dorm Escape Room!

College Friends Play The Dorm Room
Family Gives The Dorm Escape Room A Try
Current Champions Of The Dorm Room
First Time Escapers Enjoyed The Dorm
Even Two Friends Can Play The Dorm Room

Testimonials & Reviews of The Dorm Escape Room

David Taylor 5 Stars
The Dorm was my first Room without my usual friends, or ‘Escape Guides’ as I like to think of them. We did still have a good group and with a few hints, we came within seconds of getting out. Sorry, Justin.

Jonathan Morgan 5 Stars
We did the dorm room escape. The puzzles were challenging and their hints were perfectly calibrated.

Chip Morgan 5 Stars
My two adult children and I really enjoyed the dorm room. We found the puzzles challenging, finishing with 46 seconds left. We’ll be back to challenge the other rooms. Fantastic idea, well executed. The owners were very friendly. Highly recommend.

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