Frequently Asked Questions

What are Escape Rooms?

Escape Rooms are theme or staged rooms where groups solve a series of problems and puzzles using clues, hints, logic, hidden objects and often theme related strategies to complete various objectives within 60 minutes.

Am I actually locked in the room?

The main door in and out of the room always remains unlocked. You are more than welcome to leave the room for restroom break and of course emergencies. However, it is recommended that stay within the room, until the the final puzzle is completed or time has run out.

How difficult are your rooms?

Each of our rooms range in difficulty, along with the problems and puzzles. However, our rooms are designed to be challenging, but not impossible. Attempting to work on problems and puzzles without teamwork will make the rooms extremely difficult, while a team effort and collaboration being the key to escaping within an hour.

What happens in the room?

Before each session starts a hint master will state the room rules, room instructions, how to use hints, and then the back story. After you’re time starts, groups typically start looking around for hints and clues that help guide groups in the proper direction.

Do I need any “special” skills or knowledge?

No special skills are required, however the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate will often decide if your group escapes. One of the tips we share with each group is “if you think it, say it.” That is, anything you read, find, conclude, etc…you should speak it, so others can hear it. It doesn’t matter if it’s correct or not, sometimes being close enough will make someone realize what’s going on. Just remember to try both ideas!

How long does an escape room take?

60 minutes or less if your group escapes early, with an extra 10-15 minutes when factoring in arriving early and pictures afterward.

How much does it cost?

$25 per-person.

Are taxes included?

No, all Federal & State taxes will be added to the end of your booking total.

What are the age requirements?

Please be aware that puzzles, clues and locks are designed for adults. However, all ages are welcome, if your group has children 11 and under, or multiple younger teenagers new to escape rooms, please book the entire room to help ensure a consistent experience for other guests that could join your group.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or call/text 704.296.8382 during normal business hours.

Is Escape Matthews kid friendly?

Yes, and escape rooms are great ways for kids to develop and practice thinking skills. While our rooms are created for the minds of adults; kids of all ages can help and even groups of kids, with some help by the hint master, can escape too.

Are your rooms scary, frightening, dark or loud?

No, not at all.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open/available 7 days a week from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, EST.

Where is Escape Matthews located?

In Matthews North Carolina. Our escape rooms are a 2-3 minute walk from the center of downtown Matthews, or about a 25-minute drive (traffic & direction depending) south of Uptown Charlotte. View detailed directions to Escape Matthews, or if you need help locating Escape Matthews please do not hesitate to call us at 704.296.8382 for assistance.

How early should I arrive?

About 5-10 minutes prior to your reserved time, depending on group size, allowing for enough time to use the restroom and get room instructions.

Where do we park?

Around back, in the private parking lot. We have plenty of open parking spaces located at the back of the building, which is actually the entrance to Escape Matthews.

What is traffic like?

Traffic on Matthews St (the road in front of Escape Matthews) is minimal for the area, with multiple routes leading to our location. We recommend using the mobile application, Waze, for various routes to Escape Matthews.

Traffic throughout the Charlotte area can be heavy at times. Matthews is no different, if you are heading to Escape Matthews during lunch hours or later afternoon rush hours we recommend giving yourself at least an extra 10-15 minutes to arrive.

What happens if myself or someone in my group is late?

Unfortunately we will have to reschedule booking time, for either the entire group or just the late person, as all sessions start at their scheduled times.

Can I bring my phone, purse, etc into the room?

Yes, we offer a location in each room to place your personal belongings while you play. Cell phones are allowed in all rooms, but can NOT be used for anything other than emergencies.

What type of clothing should I wear?

Anything that is comfortable and family friendly. You will have to move around, squat, maybe get on your knees or sit down. If you wear reading glasses, bring them!

How many people can participate in each room?

Each of our escape rooms are designed and created for 4-6 people. In most cases, at least 2 people are required to play and a maximum of 8 (or so) people per-room is allowed for special events.

I’m an Escape Room enthusiast, can I try your rooms solo?

Yes! We welcome all enthusiasts. If you are an experienced enthusiast and would like to try our rooms completely, without reserving all slots for the room, then please book during the week, preferably between 1pm and 10pm, then email us and let us know who you are.

Note: If a puzzle requires more than 1 person to complete, a hint master will temporarily step in to assist with that puzzle.

We did not book the full room, will others else join our group?

Probably not, however it is possible. Rooms are only private if your party has booked all available spaces.

Can my group play the room alone?

Yes! Simply book all available slots for your selected hour.

If our group is stuck, can we get hints or help?

Yes, we use portable devices to deliver hints via text chat. We also do hints per-puzzle, no matter how many messages it takes. If it takes us 1 message or 100 messages for a group to solve a puzzle, that is considered 1 hint.

Are we limited to only 3 hints?

Hints are unlimited. The 3 hint “limit” is for our escape rate statistics, and what each group should strive for.

What is your cancellation, reschedule and refund policy?

Cancellations and reschedules happen, please contact if you have any booking changes. In most cases we can accommodate your changes and requests, we simply ask that you notify us as quickly as possible.

Please contact us via email or call/text 704.296.8382 to cancel or reschedule a booking.

What if someone in the room is being disorderly?

We will ask that person(s) to leave the room and/or facility if required.

Can I organize a private event for a large group?

Yes, depending on the group size and your needs. Please contact us via email or call/text 704.296.8382 for more information.

Can we bring or do you provide alcohol?

No, we do not have an alcohol permit and alcohol is not allowed on the property.

How do I book an escape room?

Booking an escape room with Escape Matthews is quick and easy! After you’ve decided on either The Dorm or That 70’s Room, on the right side of each room page use the calendar to select the day you would like to book. Once the times have loaded, select an available time, then click the Continue button. From here you will be taken through a typical online checkout processing, allowing you to enter your billing details and reserve your escape room session.

When will I be charged?

Once you have completed the secure checkout process.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex) and PayPal is accepted. For the safety of both our customers and employees, we do not accept cash!

Is my personal and billing information safe?

Yes, when a purchase is a made on the Escape Matthews website, your billing details are kept at PayPal rather than the information being stored locally. PayPal’s encryption system is far superior to anything we could provide.

All customer records and newsletter subscriber information is never shared, traded, or sold. Employees are limited to customers first & last name, billing address and email address.

How do I update my email or account details?

You can either log into your account and manually make the changes yourself, or contact us and let us know your old details so we can verify your account, and then what you would the information to be updated to.

What if my question is not listed?

Then please contact us and we will promptly respond back.

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